Metro Detroit psychotherapist stresses COVID-19 impact on mental health

Metro Detroit psychotherapist stresses COVID-19 impact on mental health This week, the state announced a new hotline launched to help people whose mental health has been impacted by COVID-19.Dr. Joe Kort, a psychotherapist at The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health in Royal Oak, says it's badly needed."We're having [...]

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Is an open relationship for you?

Is an Open Relationship for You? More than one in five Americans engages in a consensual, non-monogamous relationship, also known as an open relationship.An open relationship is one in which two people in an ongoing relationship are not exclusive with one another and agree to the possibility of having a relationship [...]

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Flatten Your Couple Curve: How to stop the spread of growing conflict in your relationship.

Here we are at the beginning of spring and are asked to shelter in place with partners and families 24/7, something we seldom ever do. For some, it will seem like a blessing, a time to celebrate their relationship and become even closer emotionally. For others, it can seem like a curse with increasing conflicts, pressure, [...]

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