Join CRSH's New Queer Men's Support Group - Starting November 8 Facilitated By: Gregg Johnson, LMSW Steven Taylor, LMSW We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Queer Men's Support Group at CRSH, starting on November 8! This group will meet on the first Wednesday of every [...]

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Stress can be good for you!

Build a tool box of resilience to help alleviate the damaging effects of stress in your life. Did you know …… 43 percent of people suffer from work overload?… 38 percent experience anxiety or depression on the job?… 49 percent of employees report burnout?We cannot escape the stressors we face in our [...]

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How can we learn compassion for ourselves?

How can we learn compassion for ourselves? People offer compassion to others easily but what about self-compassion? Being compassionate to ourselves means accepting our mistakes so we can be more present with ourselves, practicing self-care, nurturing ourselves, and being sensitive and understanding about our own suffering so we can heal. [...]

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Parents: you can help your kids cope with anxiety

Help your kids cope with anxiety I have a daughter in the first grade. I’m anticipating the many life challenges she will face – bullying, body image, looking different, acting different, homelife problems, LGBTQ concerns, peer pressure, and so much more. Right now, our kids are trying to understand and [...]

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Envy and jealousy are not interchangeable

Envy and jealousy are not interchangeable You and your partner have been arguing all day. At a dinner party that evening, you observe another couple happily talking, laughing and clearly enjoying each other’s company. You think to yourself, “why can’t that be us? I wish we could be that happy.” [...]

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